I come from Mariemont Ohio, a little ways outside of Cincinnati. My artistic training started with making paper doll dresses, my model being Wonder Woman. Her wardrobe kept in several shoe boxes, colors by crayon  and watercolor...a rather messy process as my mother told me. My art teacher Mrs. Fisher let me do all sorts of posters and figures. She commented on my creativity, but I was never one of her favorites, as I did not enjoy doing the little elves, horses, or ducks that we seemed to use on the various programs for school. However, I proceeded slowly until, at camp, I enjoyed just getting out on my own and sketching nature. 

I went to University of Cincinnati, studying Business Administration, moving to Architecture, then to night school and Interior Decoration, settling at last in Fine Arts. Marriage, travel, and motherhood followed until finally I graduated from the University of Oregon in Fine Arts. 

Moving to Seattle, a one man show at Studio One, I worked and eventually owned three retail stores..... Art?? Well it definitely took a 3rd place. So, after retirement in 2010, I returned to my first love, out in nature or in a studio, just painting. I work in watercolor 98% of the time. Yes, Mom will be watching my mess!

Virginia Lynn Kerr



Northwest watercolor artist. Lover of landscapes, animals, and anything that strikes my fancy!

You will find me a poet person, chuckle and cry with me! 

Member of Seattle Co-Arts, Northwest Watercolor Society, Seattle League of Arts, and Eastside Fine Arts Society.